If you are charged with a violent crime, in all likelihood your case will be transferred to Part A, where serious crimes are handled.  It is also likely that even though you may have no prior criminal history, you will not be eligible for a diversionary program.

These types of cases often involve very high bonds, leading to the client being incarcerated pre-trial. Please consult with us to see if there are arguments to be made for a bond modification.  This may include some combination of bond and/or electronic monitoring.

It is in these cases where stakes are very high.  A criminal defense attorney must parse through the evidence to see whether the state can prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.  This will include examining eyewitness statements, motive and bias, potential DNA evidence, alibi defenses, etc. There also may be mitigation evidence such as psychological issues or past trauma on the part of the defendant that can be used to either lessen the mens rea (intent) of the offense or mitigate the offered sentence.